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Monday, May 28, 2007


The University of Calgary Press now shows this book in their on-line catalogue and is taking orders for September, 2007, delivery.

The photo shown in the catalogue is provisional and not the final cover. It shows Bob trimming the blank plaster of a baseball catcher, not his typical subject but a commission from the Mahre brothers. Instead of that one, I've posted a photo of Bob about to make the waste mold of the plastilene of his well-known bucking bull, "An Honest Try."

Bronze Inside and Out: A Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver
By Mary Strachan Scriver

October 2007
ISBN 978-155238-227-1
6" x 9"
400 p.p.
B&W photographs
Legacies Shared No. 25
Biography, Art

About the Book
Bronze Inside and Out is a literary biography of sculptor Bob Scriver, written by his wife, Mary Strachan Scriver. Bob Scriver is best known for his work in bronze and for his pivotal role in the rise of “cowboy art.” Living and working on the Montana Blackfoot Reservation, Scriver created a bronze foundry, a museum, and a studio – an atelier based on classical methods, but with local Blackfoot artisans. His importance in the still-developing genre of “western art” cannot be overstated.

Mary Strachan Scriver lived and worked with Bob Scriver for over a decade and was instrumental in his rise to international acclaim. Working alongside her husband, she became intimately familiar with the man, his work, and his process. Her frank and uncensored narration includes details that give the reader a unique picture of Scriver both as man and as artist. Mary Strachan Scriver also provides a fascinating look into the practice of bronze casting, cleverly structuring the story of Bob Scriver’s life according to the steps in this complicated and temperamental process.

About the Author
Mary Strachan Scriver lives in Browning, Montana, where she has worked as a teacher, a writer, and a Unitarian minister.

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