JERRY GOROSKI is the consultant appraisar to whom I refer inquiries about Scriver bronzes. He is formally trained and certified to do assessments and knew Bob Scriver as well as working for the CM Russell Museum in Great Falls. His gallery is called "Open Range Art."


Sunday, February 10, 2013


Uploaded on Jul 22, 2010
Enjoy this newly re-discovered video of animal trainer Doug Seus and the original Bart the Bear during an exhibition in the early 1990s at Pine Butte Ranch in northwestern Montana. Video shot and provided by Lyle Gold. Edited by Kiffin Hope. Copyright 2010 The Vital Ground Foundation.

Because this video shows a tipi belonging to Bob Scriver and because the time frame is right, I think that this is when Bob made the sculpture of Bart the Bear.  It may have been shot on the Flatiron Ranch, Bob’s ranch, which is slightly farther north along the east slope of the Rockies.  I tried to contact Lyle Gold to confirm, but couldn’t find a phone number so far.

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